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Post  DBO Admin on Tue Nov 01, 2011 10:27 am

DBZ Origins Systems
In every organization, everyone has a rank. The ranks tell people and other military people how strong you initially are. Each organization has their own rank names, but this list here is merely a basic listing of ranks.

Low Class: Most fighters in the galaxy fall within this category. This is the level at which fighters are still learning and discovering how to use their powers and abilities. In contrast to other classes these sorts are usually less than formidable, though everyone has to start someplace. Levels 1,000-15,000. Only M-D damage level techniques can be used.

Mid Class: Fewer fighters exhibit enough prowess to ascend from the commonality of Low Class into a respectable league of their own. Proving to be formidable combatants that aren't to be taken lightly. At this level fighters have become highly attuned with their special abilities and have an advanced grasp on the use of techniques. Levels 16,000-30,000. Only M-G1 damage level techniques can be used.

High Class: An even slimmer portion of the galaxies fighters have proven themselves versed enough to truly be on a whole other level. Beings at this level soar high above the maximum capabilities of most and are usually characterized by their abilities to exhibit and maintain tremendous boosts of power often times through feats of transformation. They also display expert ability with techniques, able to use some that deal a level of damage the vast majority could never match. Levels 31,000-45,000. Only M-G2 damage level techniques can be used.

Elite Class: It is very rare that any more than a handful of fighters in a given generation ever reach this level. The only calibur of fighter that could truly put the galaxies best to shame. Taking the phenomenon of transformations to their peak to exercise maximum power and having the ability to deal devastating damage is what this small group excels at. These are the types of individuals who are highly feared and highly respected for their seemingly limitless power. Levels 46,000- 60,000. M-Z damage level techniques can be used.
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