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Rules of the forum.

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Rules of the forum. Empty Rules of the forum.

Post  DBO Admin on Wed Apr 25, 2012 8:36 pm

Rules of the Forum

As the Topic title says, this topic is about the forum rules. This topic goes over and discusses general OOC behavior rules and a few rules that shouldn't be done in-character. We, the admin, encourage and insist that all members follow these rules. If anyone has any questions please contact an admin.

Out of Character RulesIn-Character Rules

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Rules of the forum. Empty Out of Character Rules

Post  DBO Admin on Wed Apr 25, 2012 9:11 pm

Out of Character Rules
As the title above says, these are the basic rules for Out of character behavior. Pretty much these are things that you should and shouldn't do on the forum.
  • Be Respectful to the members and staff.
  • Try not to Spam.
  • One account per person.
  • Mature Content/Forum Rating.
  • Avatars/Signatures

Look below for a description for the things listed above.
Be Respectful to the members and staff.
Esteem for or a sense of the worth or excellence of a person, a personal quality or ability, or something considered as a manifestation of a personal quality or ability.
To show regard or consideration for.
Being respectful to the members and staff of the forum is important. Not only does it make for a friendlier community but brings around a better experience. This means do not insult the other members or staff, tease the members and staff, or anything along these lines. Even if it means swallowing a bit of pride or just walking away from a conversation, the staff would like to keep things moderately friendly around these parts.

Try not to Spam
This one should be quite simple to follow. Try to keep things relevant and don't make a mess of the OOC sections. By this we mean if a topic is started to talk about a recent development in the DB universe, dont go posting about naruto in that topic. Say there is a new DBZ series coming out, posting that naruto is awesome and going on about the naruto universe is frowned upon and strongly encouraged not to happen. This doesn't mean you have to only talk about Dragon Ball related things, just try to be relevant to the topic when posting in it.

One Account Per Person
As a person, you are only allowed one account on this forum unless something unfortunate happens in which case just explain the reasoning behind a second account. (I.E If your account was hacked or if you had forgotten a password) This keeps things from getting too cluttered and simple. Note: Don't take this as a no multiple characters rule, refer to the secondary character rules in the systems guide.

Mature Content/Forum Rating
This is a big thing. There are dozens of different age groups that are a fan of any part of the Dragon Ball universe whether it be from the Original Dragon Ball (the older generations) to Dragon Ball Z Kai (Younger/Newer Generations) and have different maturity levels. Keep the content of the forum to a safe level for children. This means no sex topics, only drugs to be mentioned are cigarettes, and violence not to be heavy in gore. The first one, no sex, is the main point for this rule. Now you can hint to some "alone" time with the opposite or same gender, but nothing descriptive about body parts and the act. The other things like drugs and Gore, just try to keep it lowered then what you like.

This rule is more of a preference. Below are maximum sizes the site prefers so no major scrolling has to take place.
  • Avatars
    Maximum width = 125 - 135px
    Maximum Height = 150 - 200 px
  • Signatures
    Now for signatures, width doesnt matter much as long as it doesnt stretch the the screen or site.
    However for height, try to keep it rather short, nothing too large that it takes a bit to scroll down from.
    If you want a large image in your signature, use a spoiler.

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Rules of the forum. Empty In-Game Rules

Post  DBO Admin on Tue May 01, 2012 1:04 pm

In Character or In-Game Rules
As the title above says, these are the basic rules for In-character behavior. Pretty much these are things that you shouldn't do in character.
  • No God Modding.
  • No Auto Hitting.
  • No Controlling Other characters.
  • No Meta Gaming.

Below is an outline of what everything is.
What is god modding? "God Modding" is in essence when someone’s character has the ability to do practically anything without limits or boundaries. And example is when they simply cannot be harmed by any and all means other RP-ers try.

Now this is a forum based in the universe of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. In the show and/or manga, the warriors were fairly strong and vary in power levels and strength. Some could take this as a loop hole to god mod over a lower leveled fighter. Its true when one has a higher power level, depending on the difference, they can over power and virtually own the inferior fighter. Something like this is almost allowed, but still limited. The limitation to this are the stats of each character. Refer to the stat influence section in the Fighting System for details on how the difference in stats work.

Another side limitation something like this is that every character has the right to defend one self from an attack or at least attempt to. This leads into the next section, Auto-hitting.

Auto-hitting is a portion of god mod where a character automatically hits their opponent with out said person having any choices to choose from, such as dodging or counterattacking. Its never a good idea to do something like this because it just takes the fun out of role-playing. Even if there is a huge difference in power levels, the inferior leveled person still has a chance to dodge the attack. Again, refer to the stat influence section in the Fighting System for details on how the difference in stats work.

This section refers to controlling the character of someone else. It is frowned upon and taken seriously. No one is allowed to control another person's character for any purpose. This means no fighting and killing someones character, no making the character talk in your own post, not even to make the character get your own a glass of water. However there are a few things that could get mixed up with this, look below for examples.
    Example 1: If person A is repeating in their post something Person B has said In their previous post, this is fine as long as it is made clear person A's character heard that and such.

    Example 2: Similar to Example one but is about movements. In person A's post, they can mention watching person B's movements or actions but nothing else will happen unless the controller of person B mentioned it in one of his/her posts.

Meta Gaming
When game information outside of what is available in a game is used to give a player an advantage in-game. Most commonly seen and frowned upon in many forms of role playing especially when consent has not been given.

Meaning if you learn of something about a character outside of in-character interaction, you can not automatically assume and use the information in-game. Say Person A learns of Person B's Power level by looking at the Data sheet for the character, Person A's character would not know this level unless using a scouter or Person B's character says it in a topic that both Person A's character and Person B's were in together.

This is a serious matter and again takes the fun out of role-playing.

Now this could be over looked when making a plan to fight someone you are about to do battle with, and will happen, its expected, so the admin encourage people to try and not do this, or if you do make it seem legit and something your character would do (this is about strategy, not knowing power levels, stats and other OOC information).

All these things are frowned upon and if abused, penalties and punishments will be dished out.
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Rules of the forum. Empty Re: Rules of the forum.

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