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The Saga's of DBZO.

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The Saga's of DBZO. Empty The Saga's of DBZO.

Post  DBO Admin on Fri Oct 29, 2010 4:14 pm

Here on Dragonball Origins we have what are called saga's or, arcs, that act as ever changing and ever expansive events that circulate within the plot. These saga's will consist of special objectives. The special objectives are free for anyone who wishes to try to complete them. Among these objectives there will always be the challenge of acquiring all seven dragonballs. Saga's events affect the entire role play and are the only way to officially collect the dragonballs.

The Objectives:

Each objective presented in a saga has a special prize associated with them when completed. The prizes can range from items, experience, money and special techniques or abilities. However the prizes will remain unknown until the objective has been completed. Once all objectives are completed and Shenron has been summoned from the collection of all seven dragonballs, the saga will come to an end and a new one will be presented in its place. Only one objective may be embarked upon at a time.

The Items:

Each dragonball, at the beginning, will have its own special requirement that is needed to acquire it. The first player to achieve the requirement is rewarded with the dragonball. From that point on, the only way another player can usurp the already awarded dragonball, is to either defeat the player who has it or if its stolen it from their hiding spot via dragonball Radar.

Dragonball Radar:
The dragonball Radar is a special saga item that is used to give the location of hidden dragonballs. It is obtained by completing a given objective that the admins have selected for the dragonball Radar to be one of its prizes. A Radar will only be received as a prize if there are dragonballs being hidden. Usually only one will be awarded at a time, but if it would benefit the role-play more than one player may simultaneously posses a Radar. The dragonball Radar is used by pming an admin with the title "Dragonball Radar" and from there you will be sent the location information of all the hidden dragonballs which counts as in character knowledge. A Radar is only good for one use and after that you loose the item. Should there be an instance where the is a stand still in the saga regarding the collection of dragonballs a new batch of objectives will be presented.

The Process:

Dragonball Hiding Spots:
As you have seen in the show when a person finds a dragonball they hide/store them in safe location as they are too valuable to risk protecting in a battle. The same will apply here on Origins. When you collect dragonballs you must designate a hiding spot for them. This hiding spot must be cleared with an admin via pm and will not be disclosed to any other members. This is how you will store and be able to accumulate the dragonballs you find. There are only two ways your dragonball hiding spot can be compromised. The first is if you are defeated in battle, the victor(s) will be sent a pm from the admins about your hiding spots whereabouts that will count as in character knowledge. The second way is if the dragonballs you have hidden are detected by a dragonball Radar and stolen. If your hiding spot is in jeopardy and you and or an ally(s) have in character knowledge of this (and are on the same planet as your hiding spot) you and or your ally(s) may defend your hiding spot provided that those who are defending are not engaged in any battle topics.

Stealing Dragonballs
So you have come by a dragonball Radar and have found the whereabouts of some hidden dragonballs you want to get your paws on. Before you can make your escape with the dragonballs there is a 12 hour (real time) period you must wait. This wait is to give the owner and or their allies of the dragonballs a chance to defend them should they be eligible to do so. If you are stopped you must of course defeat the person(s) stopping you in order successfully steal the dragonballs. If no one shows up before the 12 hour period is up then you get away with the dragoballs scot free.

Gathering All Seven:

Making The Wishes
As you know, once one gains all seven dragonballs and summons the dragon they are granted three wishes. In order to summon the dragon and attain your three wishes you must have all seven dragonballs in your hiding spot. Once you meet this condition you must notify an admin/mod. After you get their approval you must role-play summoning the dragon and having your three wishes granted. The wishes are not unlimited to your imagination and must be plausible and fair for the sake of the rp so there are wish regulations.
  • 1st Wish: Can only be for Money.
  • 2nd Wish: Must either be for a Special Item or a Special Technique.
  • 3rd Wish: Must either be for an Experience Boost or Resurrecting a Character.

After the gatherer of all seven dragonballs has made their wishes the saga will officially end and a new one will soon take its place once all related role plays have finished. A person who has their wishes granted from the dragon must wait one saga before being eligible to summon the dragon again.

Note: Admin reserve the right to tweak and adjust theses rules should there become any imbalance or defective structures.
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